[Esa-l] Domains excluded from filtering

Eric Andreychek eja at rwcwarranty.com
Fri Jul 28 10:08:34 PDT 2000


> I've had numerous requests to NOT mangle anything sent internally within
> the company. What's the easiest way to bypass the filters if the mail is
> from an internal address?

Well, although not completely foolproof, this is how we do it... using your
/etc/procmailrc, you can put:

* ^From:.*(@yourdomain\.com|yourotherdomain\.com)

So in this case, if the mail is claiming to be from yourdomain.com, it will use
the limited set of mangle extensions you define.  If it is from anywhere else,
it uses the default mangle extensions defined in the actual script.

A possible better way to do this is to use "Received: from" instead of "From:"
header, that would probably be a bit more difficult to spoof.  Good luck,

Eric Andreychek
Residential Warranty Corp
(717) 561-4480 x2245

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