[Esa-l] Revised sanitizer-on-relay nano-HOWTO

Jason Jordan guru at pcguru.com.au
Fri Jul 28 08:06:19 PDT 2000


>                               Name: procmail-on-gateway.txt
>    procmail-on-gateway.txt    Type: Plain Text (TEXT/PLAIN)

After hours of hacking (and learning procmail)

I made one TINY change to John's instructions:

2. Add the following to ruleset 0, between the "handle virtual
users" and "short-circuit local delivery" stanzas:

# pipe through procmail for processing
R$*<@example.com>$*     $#procmail $@/etc/procmail/filter.rc
$:$1 at example.com.procmail$2
R$*<@$*.procmail>$*     $1<@$2>$3

The first R$* line should actually read:
R$*<@example.com.>$*     $#procmail $@/etc/procmail/filter.rc
$:$1 at example.com.procmail$2

Note the extra fullstop at the end of the first instance of

Or alternatively:

R$*<@$=w.>$*     $#procmail $@/etc/procmail/filter.rc

This gets its working - but now I have my own set of issues
linked to mangled MX records 8-).

Cheers, Jas

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