[Esa-l] Revised sanitizer-on-relay nano-HOWTO

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Implementing procmail on a sendmail 8.8.8 gateway:
(Note: This is still undergoing testing and refinement)
<jhardin at wolfenet.com>

1. Add the following delivery agent:

Mprocmail,      P=/usr/bin/procmail, F=DFMmShu, S=11/31, R=21/31, T=DNS/RFC822/X-Unix,
                A=procmail -m MAIL_FROM="$_" MAIL_TO="$u" $h


2. Add the following to ruleset 0, between the "handle virtual
users" and "short-circuit local delivery" stanzas:

# pipe through procmail for processing
R$*<@example.com>$*     $#procmail $@/etc/procmail/filter.rc $:$1 at example.com.procmail$2
R$*<@$*.procmail>$*     $1<@$2>$3

Vary the domain name and script name (/etc/procmail/filter.rc) for your needs.

If you are relaying mail for multiple domains, the following alteration **may** work:

R$*<@$=w>$*     $#procmail $@/etc/procmail/filter.rc $:$1@$2.procmail$3


3. Here is a sample filter.rc file:

# procmail rules to filter mail on a gateway


# other configuration stuff here as well


* ^From:.+\/[^ ,]+@[^ ,]+

:0                              # pass along all other mail
! -oi -f "$FROM" "$MAIL_TO"

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