[Esa-l] Update on POISONED Failure

Einhorn, Drew DEinhorn at lrri.org
Wed Jul 26 12:39:44 PDT 2000

John sent me a copy of this several weeks ago in
response to an email I sent him.

I struggled with it for a while.  The first puzzle
was where in ruleset 0 to make the insertion.  

Since I am not a sendmail adept, I decided to trust the
m4 processor that is distributed with sendmail and let
it put the additional rules where it thought local 
additions to ruleset 0 should go.


It put the additional rules at the end of ruleset 0.
Actually it put them in ruleset 98, which is called
after ruleset 0.  

After studying the O'Reilly and Associates book and
figuring out some of the mysteries involved in
debugging sendmail.cf problems, I came to the conclusion
that these rules belonged at the beginning of ruleset 0.

Made some other adjustments I'm less certain about.
Did some testing all seemed to be well.

Went on vacation.  While I was gone a major crisis arose.  
The procmail filter was removed, and a lot of money was
spent on 3rd party software running on the Exchange

Haven't studied the situation enough to come to any conclusions
about what really went wrong while I was away.

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On Wed, 26 Jul 2000, Jason D. Jordan wrote:

> Does anyone know of a way to force procmail to be executed
> regardless if the user exists or not?  Or to put it another way -
> to force forwarded/relayed email through procmail too.

The attachment contains some rudimentary documentation. Refinements
are welcomed.

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