[Esa-l] Files to poison: Hybris

Dustin Ankeny dustin at heritageind.com
Wed Dec 13 11:57:45 PST 2000

Well I think that was the point of Miguel's post today,

Not everyone wants to read alt.comp.virus all day so that the user can have
an up-to-the minute list.  So if they want to make a cron job that will take
advantage of a poisoned list that lots of informed people add to... well
that sounds like a good idea to me.  Now I know that it can get complex in a
hurry, but it does make sense.

What better way then to update your poisoned once a day/week?

Now the other side of that is that the list would have to be updated more
often, I update my list as soon as I see a new virus name that can be
filtered.  I don't think the master list gets updated near that often.

What do you guys think?
Dustin Ankeny

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> If you're already poisoning *.scr, as the posted
> "poisoned" file does, all of the .scr file names
> in this list are redundant and will slow down your
> scripts. I just list the exe's.

I just gave up and now poison all .exe's .  Cuts down on the new viruses.




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