[Esa-l] Re: Felix Navidad ... Stripping Attachments

Murray L. Crane mcrane at longbridge.com
Wed Dec 6 03:50:23 PST 2000

At 09:05 6/12/00 +0000, John & Bjarni wrote:
> > Are you sure you want to hear about every vcard that gets tossed?
> >
> > Everybody: should there be four options for strip-and-discard with
> > *and* without notify? You do want to be notified on
> > strip-and-quarantine, but I would assume if you've set a
> > strip-and-discard policy you don't really care about what's being
> > stripped and tossed.

APU, speaking only for myself, I want to know about everything that people 
outside my organization are trying to send to my lUsers, if only so that I 
have a stack of paper to beat them [the lUsers] with when they whine about 
defanging or I demand they clear out their mailboxes every once in a while.

I really like Bjarni's idea of a summary mail at the end of each day, 
possibly using a mailing list to handle the mail notification, but of 
course that means running something [Majordomo?] to actually handle the 
list. Not (necessarily) your problem tho...

Getting back to the question, if we assume that your .sanitizerc (for the 
want of a name) has the kind of format you've been suggesting up to now, 
with the addition of a Y/N notify flag at the end of the line, you could 
specify on a per rule basis what you want to be notified about, with a 
single env. var. (assuming a similar config to the current sanitizer) that 
specifies the quarantine dir:

Allow *.jpg,n
Mangle *.doc,n
Strip-quarantine *.double.extension, y
Strip-discard *.vcf, n

You could also have a single env. var. that does a verbose notify of a mail 
if any of it's attachments were interfered with [VERBOSE_ON_SANITIZE?] for 
those who would want that functionality.

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