[Esa-l] New funtionality for sanitizer

Murray L. Crane mcrane at longbridge.com
Tue Dec 5 04:17:59 PST 2000

Was Re: Felix Navidad ... Stripping Attachments.  Figured that a new 
subject that was more on thread was required.

At 00:43 5/12/00 -0500, Patrick wrote:
> >  allow *.doc, *.xls, *.zip, *.html, *.txt
> >  mangle/strip/poison everything else
>Great, I didn't know you were implementing that function. This will
>make my life much easier!

That's the point of the new functionality that John has proposed.  If you 
want to operate in a "that which is not explicitly allowed is denied" way, 
you can.  It will be equally easy for me to operate in "that which is not 
explicitly denied is allowed" mode, since that's how I have to run things here.

As Bjarni mentioned a few days back, just because a message has an 
attachment that you don't want to let in doesn't mean the message shouldn't 
be let in.  That's all my post was pointing out, with a suggestion for some 
additional/alternative functionality in the new scheme.

Stripping (with and without boilerplating as necessary) would be more 
preferable to my lUsers than poisoning (which they currently have) because 
some of our "customers" don't have the intelligence to give files sensible 

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