[Esa-l] Re: Felix Navidad ... Stripping Attachments

John D. Hardin jhardin at wolfenet.com
Sat Dec 2 10:56:54 PST 2000

(It just struck me: *Felix* Navidad? :)

Wow. Lots of good opinions. Thanks, everybody.

Okay, I'm going to release 1.124 this weekend with some minor fixes
and the TNEF stripper. I also hope to clean up the home page a bit.

I'm going to modify the sanitizer to remove the poisoning dependence
on the mangle list. This archaism should have been removed long ago.

The stripper will be genericised. You will be able to specify a second
list of filespecs, separate from the poisoned list. If a filename
attachment appears on this list, it will be stripped and a notice
inserted in it's place. A stripped attachment will not result in
quarantine. Stripping will occur prior to poisoning.

I still haven't decided whether to retain the stripped attachment. The
first cut probably will just discard it. The Q'n'D solution is to just
append the stripped content to a file verbatim, and if you're
interested in extracting it you can play around with vi and mimencode.

Note that multiple attachments, one of which is stripped and one of
which is poisoned, would still result in the message being

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