[Esa-l] Hoax killer

Mark A. Hershberger mah at everybody.org
Sat Aug 19 14:02:26 PDT 2000

>>>>> "JDH" == John D Hardin <jhardin at wolfenet.com> writes:

    JDH> On Fri, 18 Aug 2000, Andreas Grau wrote:
    >> Most hoaxes have a well-known name that could be grep(1)ed, is
    >> typically sent to many recipients, and is almost always
    >> forwarded many times.
    >> Could that be a reasonable extension to a e-mail sanitizer?  It
    >> could kill or quarantine such a message and inform the sender
    >> it did so (maybe a information to postmaster could also serve
    >> educating the sender)

    JDH> No, I would say that it is beyond the scope of the sanitizer.

I'd agree that it is beyond the scope of a sanitizer, but it would be
useful to have a central repository of rules for blocking hoaxes.

If you decide to do something with this, Andreas, it would be great if
you could distribute a second procmail filter.  That way, sys admins
can install one or both as they see fit.


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