[esa-l] Email viruses/trojans alert

John D. Hardin jhardin at wolfenet.com
Sun Oct 31 18:39:17 PST 1999

The sanitizer has been updated to include the new executable extension
".SHS" as described in the advisory referenced below. Please update
your copy of the sanitizer. The current release is 1.93 and is
available via:


Please add the filespec "*.SHS" to your poisoned executables list. The
poisoned executables list is not case-sensitive.

The sanitizer *should* protect against the Corner virus, but as I have
not seen the virus code I cannot guarantee it. If anybody has a sample
of it I would appreciate a copy.

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November 1, 1999
Welcome to SecurityPortal.com -  The focal point for security on the Net.

Recent postings in our top news
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Oct 29, 1999
Finjan Alert: Microsoft Office Scrap File Exploit
<http://www.finjan.com/attack_release_detail.cfm?attack_release_id=18> -
Microsoft Office applications can be used to create "scrap" files that hide
executable programs or other content. Windows always hides the .SHS file
extension, so a different file extension can be used (e.g., JPEG, GIF, .TXT)
to make a program appear to be a harmless file type. Essentially, this gives
a person with malicious intent the ability to create Trojan executable
programs that the majority of people will open without hesitation

Data Fellows: First macro virus for MS Project found
<http://www.data-fellows.com/v-descs/corner.htm>  - Corner is the first
macro virus to infect Microsoft Project application. This virus infects both
Project and Word and can travel between them. When an infected document is
opened to Microsoft Word 97 or 2000, P98M/Corner.A checks if Microsoft
Project is running. If it is, it gets infected

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